PATTI H. CLAYTON is an independent consultant and SLCE practitioner-scholar (PHC Ventures), a senior scholar with the Center for Service and Learning at IUPUI and the Institute for Community and Economic Engagement at UNCG, and a visiting scholar with the Staley School of Leadership Studies at K-State and the Center for Community Engagement and Learning at UAA. She works with practitioner-scholars and campuses to envision and establish SLCE infrastructure and to build capacities among all partners for excellence in SLCE, especially through integrated course design, critical reflection, co-created partnerships, and collaborative scholarship. Her current interests include democratic engagement, co-learning among all partners in SLCE, civic learning, place-engaged SLCE, and the power of language to shape how we understand and enact engagement.

SARAH STANLICK is the founding director of Lehigh University’s Center for Community Engagement and a professor of practice in Sociology and Anthropology. She previously taught at Centenary College of New Jersey and was a researcher at Harvard’s Kennedy School, assisting the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power. Her current interests include inquiry-based teaching and learning, global citizenship, transformative learning, and cultivating learner agency.

EDWARD ZLOTKOWSKI is professor emeritus of Literature and Media Studies at Bentley University. He is the founding director of the Bentley Service-Learning Center and has been a senior associate at the American Association for Higher Education, Campus Compact and the New England Resource Center for Higher Education.

JEFFREY HOWARD is director of faculty development at DePaul’s Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning where he conducts faculty workshops and consults on service-learning courses and getting community-engaged scholarship published. He is the founder and editor of the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning.

LORI KNIFFIN is a doctoral student in Cultural Foundations of Education and a graduate assistant at the Institute for Community and Economic Engagement at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her scholarly interests include food justice, community dialogue, and democratic classrooms.


As a visual representation of our networked community, the map below gives the location, biography, and photo (when available) of our contributors.  As we continue to grow this project and welcome more partners into the fold, the map will continue to be updated. Below the map is a list of contributors in alphabetical order.


2015 contributors:

  • Tamara Bauer
  • Patti Clayton
  • Lina Dostilio
  • Barbara Harrison
  • Eric Hartman
  • Gabrielle Hickmon
  • Travis Hicks
  • Jeffrey Howard
  • Emily Janke
  • Lori Kniffin
  • Mandi McReynolds
  • Brian Ó Donnchadha
  • Kathryn Pisco
  • Kerry Priest
  • Allison Puppo
  • John Saltmarsh
  • Liz Seymour
  • Cheryl Siemers
  • Talmage Stanley
  • Sarah Stanlick
  • Edward Zlotkowski

2016 contributors:

  • Joe Bandy
  • Anna Bartel
  • Joe Blosser
  • Patti Clayton
  • Kathleen Edwards
  • David Fine
  • Sylvia Gale
  • Barbara Harrison
  • Jeffrey Howard
  • Lori Kniffin
  • Heather Mack
  • Julia Metzer
  • Stacey Muse
  • Georgia Nigro
  • Mary Price
  • Marla Sell
  • Timothy Shaffer
  • Sarah Stanlick
  • Mary Tolar
  • Brandon Whitney
  • Edward Zlotkowski

2017 contributors:

  • Sarah Augustine
  • Melissa Benton
  • Kevin Bott
  • Patti Clayton
  • Erin Elliott
  • Peter Felten
  • Tyrone Fleurizard
  • Jeffrey Howard
  • Khuram Hussain
  • Jennifer Joyalle
  • Kevin Kecskes
  • Melanie Keel
  • Lori Kniffin
  • Daniela Lopez
  • Harold McNaron
  • Janice Miller-Young
  • Michelle Quirke
  • Christian Rogers
  • Jacob Sherman
  • Sarah Stanlick
  • Elizabeth Starke
  • Morgan Studer
  • Brian Van Gundy
  • Jeremy Wattles
  • Catherine Wright
  • Edward Zlotkowski