North Carolina Campus Compact hosts the SLCE FDP Team at CEI and PACE

Our team had the privilege of participating in both the Civic Engagement Institute and Pathways to Achieving Community Engagement events with North Carolina Campus Compact.

Edward Zlotkowski provided the opening keynote for the Civic Engagement Institute.  In the evening, conference attendees and local community partners came together for a dinner to discuss connections to the project and future areas for exploration.

For the PACE gathering, Zlotkowski, Patti Clayton, and Sarah Stanlick also keynoted, conducted breakout sessions, and provided closing plenary discussion to engage the attendees in the visioning work for the future of the field,

Also presenting at the conference were our contributors and community members Lori Kniffin and Tamara Bauer (Kansas State University), Travis Hicks (University of North Carolina – Greensboro), and Gabrielle Hickmon (Cornell University).

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