Spring 2017 Thought Pieces:

  • We Are All Teachers: Modeling Democratic Engagement in Faculty Development – Studer, Benton, Rogers, & Quirke [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Learning about Learning – Together – Miller-Young, Felten, & Clayton [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • The Place of the Artist – Bott [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Connecting SLCE with Sustainability in Higher Education: Cultivating Citizens with an Ecocentric Vision of Justice – Wright, Keel, & Fleurizard [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Sustainability of Our Planet and All Species as the Organizing Principle for SLCE – Kecskes, Joyalle, Elliott, & Sherman [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Can Intergroup Dialogue Combined with SLCE Answer Today’s Call to Action? – Hussain & Wattles [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • SLCE Partnering with Social Justice Collectives to Dismantle the Status Quo – Augustine, Lopez, McNaron, Starke, & Van Gundy [Excerpt] [Full Text]

NOTE: These pieces are published in the Spring 2017 Special Section of the Michigan Journal for Community Service Learning.