Fall 2016 Thought Pieces:

  • Resisting the Siren Song: Charting a Course for Justice – Blosser [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Learning From and With Community Organizations to Navigate the Tensions of Democratic Engagement – Whitney, Muse, Harrison, Edwards, & Clayton [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Beyond Superheroes and Sidekicks: Empowerment, Efficacy, and Education in Community Partnerships – Stanlick & Sell [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Teach the Partnership: Critical University Studies and the Future of Service-Learning – Fine [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Values-Engaged Assessment: Reimagining Assessment through the Lens of Democratic Engagement – Bandy, Bartel, Clayton, Gale, Mack, Metzker, Nigro, Price, & Stanlick [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Winding Pathways to Engagement: Creating a Front Door – Kniffin, Shaffer, & Tolar [Excerpt] [Full Text]

NOTE: These pieces are published in the Fall 2016 Special Section of the Michigan Journal for Community Service Learning.