Fall 2015 Thought Pieces:

  • The Future of Service-Learning and Community Engagement: Asset-Based Approaches and Student Learning in the First Year – Bauer, Kniffin, & Priest [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Getting “Real” about Transformation: The Role of Brave Spaces in Creating Disorientation and Transformation – Stanlick [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Community Engagement Professionals in the Circle of Service-Learning and the Greater Civic Enterprise – Dostilio & McReynolds [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Critically-Reflective Civically-Engaged Academics Shaping the Future of an Academy Striving for Social Justice – Ó Donnchadha [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Deepening Service Abroad: A Call for Reciprocal Partnership and Ongoing Support – Pisco [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Democratic Relationships in Service-Learning: Moving Beyond Traditional Faculty, Student, and Community Partner Roles – Hicks, Seymour, & Puppo [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Double Consciousness in Students’ Experience of SLCE – Hickmon [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Engaging Place as Partner – Siemers, Harrison, Clayton, & Stanley [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • A Strategy for Community-Driven Service-Learning and Community Engagement: Fair Trade Learning – Hartman [Excerpt] [Full Text]
  • Transforming Higher Education Through and For Democratic Civic Engagement: A Model for Change – Saltmarsh, Janke, & Clayton [Excerpt] [Full Text]

NOTE: These pieces are published in the Fall 2015 Special Section of the Michigan Journal for Community Service Learning.

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