If the challenge of 1995 [when I wrote “Does Service-Learning Have a Future?”] was to create the academic resources that would make the SLCE movement more than an educational epiphenomenon, the challenge of 2015 may be to decide how best to collaborate and direct the resources we do have – academic and non-academic, campus-based and community-based – so that more communities flourish despite the mounting challenges of today’s world. At the very least we should ask how our awareness of the inequality, injustice, racism, and other forms of identity-based oppression that devalue the lives of so many … affects where we locate the center of our efforts.
~ Edward Zlotkowski

Project objectives:

  • To form an inclusive international learning community and to catalyze, facilitate, organize, and analyze conversation within it
  • To support, inform, sustain, and excite everyone involved in SLCE in thinking creatively and collaboratively about the our work, now and into the future
  • To contribute meaningfully to shaping and enriching the SLCE movement

Products: ~2000 word thought pieces (alternative products also invited), guided by the questions:

  • What is your vision for the future of SLCE?
  • What is the thing you particularly think we must attend to in order to advance and nurture the flourishing of SLCE and why is it important that we do so?
  • What has helped us get us to the point that your particular priority is thinkable and doable?
  • What will it take for us to move forward with advancing your particular priority?
  • What questions do we need to ask, what do we need to keep thinking about, and what are the tension points with which we need to engage (e.g., between short- and long-term, among multiple values) as we move forward?

Project venues:

  • Website: http://www.slce-fdp.org [for “Service-Learning & Community Engagement Future Directions Project”)
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning Special Sections, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, & Spring 2017
  • Conferences & other convenings: Imagining America, Eastern Region Campus Compact, Lipscomb University, Lehigh University, International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement, Pathways to Achieving Civic Engagement, national Campus Compact’s 30th anniversary, Gulf South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, International Service-Learning Summit, and others to be determined (ideas welcome)

Interested in joining the community?  For a complete list of opportunities to get involved, click here.

Interested in pursuing any of these options?  Connect with us at slce.fdp@gmail.com.

Have a response or idea? Leave it here!

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